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Vorbereitung/Organisation eines EU-Jugendprojektes

Hier die entsprechende Anfrage aus Ankara:

Dear Mr. Weidacher,

I'm Mrs. Canan Kalaç's sister. She has told me of your activities on

the youth and dialogue initiatives with great praise.

We are preparing a project called “Youth Gettogether Under the EU

Platform” as part of the Youth Initiatives for Dialogue Grant

Scheme to enhance the concept of the EU to the Turkish and Macedonian

youth, both whose countries aspire to join the European Union.

For this we will bring 10 young girls and boys from Turkey and the same

amount from Macedonia to Germany together with their chaperones. In

order for this project to be accepted by the EU, we need a partner NGO

in Germany to organise a one week programme, which will also bring them

together with the German youth in educational and social programmes. All

the costs will be met by the allocated budget to the project.

If you are interested in such a scheme and would like to cooperate, if

there is an association attached to your person we need an official

letter from your organistation on your willingness to be a partner. We

would also need the constitution of your organisation.


With my warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay

President of the Women and Youth Platform Association



Ankara, 31.07.2007

Dear Mr. Weidacher,

Thank you very much for your kind letter. We will be honoured to

cooperate with you. I think our timing will fit and we will have plenty

of time. Until we receive the acceptance, you will have registered as an

official association already. We will present our project at the end of

this week. The examination and acceptance of the project by the European

Union delegation won't happen until the end of December. We plan to

bring the group of young Turkish and Macedonian girls and boys in the

summer of 2008. After you have become a registered association if you

kindly send us your letter of acceptance it won't be late for us.


I hope that this cooperation will be very beneficial for both sides.


With my warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay

President of the Women and Youth Platform Association